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How to screenshot on iPhone Whether you already use or you are new to iPhone and iPad, the guidelines on How To Screenshot on iPhone, iPad is simpler when you know its generation and features.  Apple has launched many iPhone generations with different features year by year, so capturing a screenshot will vary with different generations. Here are two popular methods to quickly save what’s on your screen: Method 1: Take a screenshot with a button combo There are two scenarios when using buttons: iPhone with Home button and iPhone without Home button. How to screenshot on iPhone with a Home button If you are the person who keeps searching how to screenshot on iphone 8, how to screenshot on iphone 7, and also how to screenshot on iphone 6, these below steps are for you.   These iPhone models (iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6) have a Home button and Side buttons (also known as Sleep/ Wake or Power button). Follow these simple steps to take a nice screenshot: Step 1: Press the Side button an

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  Most people think that they do know how to screenshot Android. But actually, they don’t, at least not all the possible methods available out there. There is a common case that people want a screenshot, but the information just swifts away, such as Facebook stories, video clips, or games. The operation is quite cumbersome when you have to press two buttons at the same time. How To Screenshot With Android’s Hardware It is the traditional method to capture a screen on Android regardless of your phone models; it is easy to remember but quite frustrating. Open the picture or video you want to capture first, then press the  “Power”  and  “Volume down”  buttons at once.  The position of these two buttons can vary depending on the brand and model of your device. Generally, they lie on the top right edge of most Android gears.  But another placement includes the  “Power”  button on the right side and the  “Volume Down”  button on the left of your phone. The tricky thing about  how to screensh

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  How To Screenshot Chromebook If you have been familiar with Windows laptops and recently decided to purchase a Chromebook as your personal laptop, you definitely would want to know how to screenshot Chromebook. This procedure is somewhat different from other Windows or Mac units, so we have conducted a quick and easy guide on how to take screenshots in chromebook for your convenience. Detailed Procedures Of How To Screenshot Chromebook  There are so many answers to the question of “ how to screenshot with chromebook ?”. Below are some procedures that we believe to be the simplest and work perfectly on any variants of your laptop. Now let’s not wait further and get started!  Screenshot By Shortcut This is the process that makes taking screenshots on a Chromebook so different from Windows, since the keyboard layout of each laptop is distinguishable. It is also the first way many users would find when searching for “ how to screenshot a chromebook?”. To take a screenshot, you will need

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  How to Screenshot on Laptop Screenshots can come in handy whenever you want to save something from the Internet, or simply just want to show your friend that funny meme you saw. But how to screenshot on laptop? This article includes different ways to take screenshots on a laptop. Check it out! How to Screenshot on Laptop Below are some methods of taking a screenshot on laptops that run on Windows and macOS. If Your Laptop Runs on Windows 10 If you own a laptop with Windows 10, there are several ways on  how to screenshot in laptop . Using Snipping Tool This is a bonus for those who want to know  how to screenshot on HP laptop  or any other laptops that run on Windows operating systems. First, click on the Windows icon found at the bottom left of your laptop screen. You can also tap on the Windows key on your keyboard. Then, look for ‘Snipping Tool’ on the search bar. You will see several options, including ‘New’, ‘Mode’, ‘Delay’, ‘Cancel’, and ‘Options’. The New option lets you captu